He graduated from the International Area Studies and Russian and East European Studies at the Institute of International Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University. He focused on the issue of security and organized crime. In 2007 he pass semester  criminological course at the University of Kent in the UK. More than year (2008-2009) he was working in the humanitarian project Magdala, which helps victims of human trafficking in the Czech republic.

In September 2009 he spend fellowship in Sank-Peterburg at the Academy of Sciences of the RF, Sank-Peterburg Law Institute of the Academy of General Prosecutor’s Office of  RF and the Faculty of International Relations, Sank-Peterburg State University. Since October 2010, he is  internal PhD candidate at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University.  Since November of the same year, he is a private consultant.

Extract from the Trade Register: IČO: 69889619

Graduated works:

  • Bachelor Thesis – Anti-nazi resistance in Belarus 1941-1944
  • Rigorous thesis: Human trafficking in Russia in the European international context -
  • Dissertation: The expansion of Russian organized crime in the EU (expected completion 2014)

Publications / lectures / conferences:

  • journal Criminology (Kriminalistika) 3/2011 p. 207-214, library Organised crime in Russia and its changes after the dissolution of the Soviet Union – Тhe end of one era
  • Metropolitan University Prague 3.11.2011, Lesson: Russian-speaking organized crime, historical roots and new concepts
  • XXIV International Baltic Criminological conference in St. Petersburg Presentation: Expansion as a highest level of modernization of Organized crime
  • Lesson for Jewish community in Brno, 3.6.2011, Russian speaking organized crime, “When our society is so chaotic, why is our crime so organized?”
  • International dissemination seminar “Human rights in society and in police work and education. Police College and Secondary Police School of the Ministry of the Interior in Holešov, Presentation: Human trafficking in Eastern Europe.
  • Film Festival One world, Discussion after the document  Thieves by Law about Russian underworld.
  • Organized crime in Czech republic:
  • University of Kent, Canterbury 2007 9.10.2007 – Presentation: Human trafficking in eastern Europe 
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