14th Annual Conference of European Society of Criminology

ESC ANNUAL CONFERENCE “Criminology of Europe: Inspiration by Diversity” 10th to 13th September 2014, Prague

The conference will be organized by Czech Society of Criminology and Charles University in Prague. Charles University, founded in 1348, is one of the oldest universities in the world and Criminology is cultivated here at particular faculties (Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Medicine).

The venues of the conference will take place directly in the historical town center at the banks of river Vltava. All these facilities are within 5-minute walking distance passing by the old Jewish Quarter near the of Old Town Square. Thus, the additional aim of the conference is to present Prague as a fascinating city, which who be­came one of the most popular tourist destinations. It This is mainly due to its immense historical, architectural and cultural value as, appreciated by Prague’s inclusion in UNESCO List of World Cultural Heritage. However, Prague has always been a cosmopolitan city and during the past ten years Prague started to draw the attention of those looking for really extraordinary and attractive conference or congress venues. Therefore, the coming conference would like to approve the benefits from the high standards of services and huge organizational experience of supporting agencies in the Czech Republic.

The conference will open space for an exchange of ideas and of research findings in all areas of the criminological research. Beside the traditional orientation on victimology, penology, sociology and criminal justice, the aim is to attract the scholars in psychology, addictology, policing etc. Comparative research studies should play an essential role in this effort. The diversity still featuring that Europe represents is a big challenge and this continent could be taken as unique laboratory for both the analysis and the explanation of relationships between different policies, crime and changing societal conditions. Nevertheless, there should be a chance to think about a coherent European criminology and, if we could find any to seek common features valid for crime rates, causes and/or policies in Europe as the whole. It would be nice to discuss these issues confronting both continental and overseas perspectives and we feel there is a good chance to do it.

The plenaries as proposed will underline some key topics at the conference:

  • Current debates in criminological theory
  • Problems of transition and current trends in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Drug policies
  • Immigration challenge

ESC Annual Award session will be open by Presidential Address of Prof. Michael Tonry.

The conference will respect the standard structure: besides the plenary sessions, it offers enough space for panel sessions (about 20 parallel meetings at time including special pre-arranged panels), poster sessions, round tables, working group meetings, etc. It includes also social events and optional additional program.

The event will be hosted by Czech Society of Criminology and Charles University in Prague. Czech Society of Criminology was established in 2012 only but it covers includes about 150 members and its activities are strengthening day by day. The organizing bodies and the supporting Institute of Criminology and Social Prevention as a research organization of the Czech Ministry of Justice represent a key resource of knowledge on crime, criminal justice and crime control in the Czech Republic.

14th Annual Conferenceof European Society of Criminology website: http://www.eurocrim2014.com/

European Society of Criminology:  www.esc-eurocrim.org